How to Start Your Own Music Streaming Service?

Posted By on Sep 22, 2015 |

You’ve heard about sound cloud and similar services, right? And you decided that it’s time for you to join into the competition and battle against the world! But the problem is, where do you start? There are so many things that you need to consider when starting your own music streaming services. You can’t just download mp3 files and upload it to your VPS or hosting service, then advertise your site and get traffic… and trouble. Why trouble? You’ll likely to get copyright infringement and other claims because you are not authorized to share those MP3’s at all. It will be considered as piracy. So, how can you get a legit music streaming service?

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First, you will need to ask permission to artists to publish their music to your streaming website. If you can get license to publish commercial music, then you will not have any problems and you will not get into any legal trouble that could even land you into prison. You will likely be able to get permission if you get a lawyer to assist you and if you would put a royalty sharing revenue that will split your earnings from subscriptions and advertisement between you and the artist, just like what Apple and Soundcloud does.

It can be hard to establish connections, though, so you might want to start an independent music label. You can contact indie and small artists and let them know that you are interested in building a music streaming service. Once you’ve gathered enough artists, you can also follow Soundcloud’s approach, where you can allow users to upload their own podcasts, music, and audio to your services.

Okay, now you understand the hard part, which, once all sorted out, you can start building reputation as a music streaming service. Let’s get to the easier part and this is about creating your own music streaming service. You have to choose the perfect hosting option. If you’re just starting, you might want to consider getting a VPS first rather than a dedicated service.

VPS which stands for virtual private server is like shared web hosting, but with the features of a dedicated server. In short, you get the best of both worlds. You can easily scale your VPS hosting options by adding add-ons from your hosting provider such as additional bandwidth, space, memory, and CPU power just like what you can do on a dedicated server.

Once you’ve got the server and the license/content sorted out, all that’s left is building and advertising your actual music streaming platform. Are you going to use a smartphone app, web app or both? At this point, you’re going to have to pay a developer to build things for you. You will also want people to know that you started a music streaming service. Advertise your site using social media and forums, or you might also want to use Google AdSense or similar advertising platform.