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Groove and Apple Music The Latest Music Streaming Service Available

Finally! Apple’s music service, Apple Music, is out and available for everyone to enjoy. Well actually not everyone since it is exclusive for apple users only and comes with a price. But before we all get too excited about Apple’s latest innovation, let’s take a peek of what Apple Music is all about.

What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is the latest music player version available in Apple products such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad. This replaces the older music version once the user upgrades to iOs 8.4. Now, Apple Music incorporates online streaming including radio stations, just like the other current music streaming services available now such as Spotify, Slacker, Pandora and the like. Apple Music boasts more than 30 million tracks available for streaming via cloud. Aside from the existing iTunes tracks, users can also listen live to radio stations. The application also features “Connect”, a social network where artists can share videos, photos and other behind the scenes music. All these and more are all available in just one application, the Apple Music.

Beats 1 Radio Station

The major feature in Apple Music is actually the incorporation of radio stations, particularly the Beast 1 radio station. Beats 1 boasts being the number one local station in the world so there is no wonder why Apple chose it to use it as the pioneer radio station to its latest online radio streaming in the latest Apple Music version. It is available 24/7 to more than 100 countries so you can listen to your favorite music playing on Beats 1 wherever you are.

Just like Apple Music, Beats 1 have undergone major overhauling recently, now offering more music genres from classical to rock, funk to indie, all selections were expertly refined by pros in the music industry. User can even skip the currently playing music as much as they want without changing the current station.

But, all these features comes with a price. It costs $9.99/month to enjoy live streaming. The one month fee is not only for Beats 1 radio but also for other services included in Apple Music like “Connect” where artists can share videos and photos, watch videos If you are a family of Apple users, you can avail of the family plan which is $14.99 per month fee which covers up to six members of the family. iCloud Family should be set-up to avail of the family plan.

Pros and Cons

With the official release of Apple Music, what could be the pros and cons of apple music based on user reviews.

Obviously, the good thing about Apple Music is that it lets users listen to more than 30 million songs listed in the iTunes catalog, that is aside from the previously purchased iTunes. Apple Music’s recommendations feature “For You” comes in handy where it picks songs suitable for you, all based on your most played or purchased songs.

The bad? Well, most users complain how cluttered the application is. Unlike what is expected of most Apple products to be straight-forward and easy to use, Apple Music seems to confuse users with so much information and not-so-user-friendly navigation.

But, Apple Music has a lot of potential. The question is will it surpass the service offered by the recently listed best music streaming service available? We’ll find out soon.


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You’ve heard about sound cloud and similar services, right? And you decided that it’s time for you to join into the competition and battle against the world! But the problem is, where do you start? There are so many things that you need to consider when starting your own music streaming services. You can’t just download mp3 files and upload it to your VPS or hosting service, then advertise your site and get traffic… and trouble. Why trouble? You’ll likely to get copyright infringement and other claims because you are not authorized to share those MP3’s at all. It will be considered as piracy. So, how can you get a legit music streaming service?

music streaming

First, you will need to ask permission to artists to publish their music to your streaming website. If you can get license to publish commercial music, then you will not have any problems and you will not get into any legal trouble that could even land you into prison. You will likely be able to get permission if you get a lawyer to assist you and if you would put a royalty sharing revenue that will split your earnings from subscriptions and advertisement between you and the artist, just like what Apple and Soundcloud does.

It can be hard to establish connections, though, so you might want to start an independent music label. You can contact indie and small artists and let them know that you are interested in building a music streaming service. Once you’ve gathered enough artists, you can also follow Soundcloud’s approach, where you can allow users to upload their own podcasts, music, and audio to your services.

Okay, now you understand the hard part, which, once all sorted out, you can start building reputation as a music streaming service. Let’s get to the easier part and this is about creating your own music streaming service. You have to choose the perfect hosting option. If you’re just starting, you might want to consider getting a VPS first rather than a dedicated service.

VPS which stands for virtual private server is like shared web hosting, but with the features of a dedicated server. In short, you get the best of both worlds. You can easily scale your VPS hosting options by adding add-ons from your hosting provider such as additional bandwidth, space, memory, and CPU power just like what you can do on a dedicated server.

Once you’ve got the server and the license/content sorted out, all that’s left is building and advertising your actual music streaming platform. Are you going to use a smartphone app, web app or both? At this point, you’re going to have to pay a developer to build things for you. You will also want people to know that you started a music streaming service. Advertise your site using social media and forums, or you might also want to use Google AdSense or similar advertising platform.

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 Our definition of TV has changed throughout the years. It used to be that you could just stare at the television on your television. Despite that you wanted to watch a film back in those primitive days, you required driving the distance to the store to purchase or rent a DVD. On account of the fast web, we can now stream music and television from the cloud to a broad range of gadgets from mobiles to PCs and yes, even on your television. Since feature gushing has turned out to be madly well known, many web spilling administrations have gone to the scene, all viewing for your consideration and your cash.

220giE0620150330202229I_Love_Music_by_c0tuOwning a library of music on physical media is quickly turning into a time displacement. Physical collection deals have been diving since we initially connected our earbuds to iPods, and computerized downloads are presently on the decrease, as well. Rather, Americans are pushing their music online using a developing yield of music administrations that offer unbounded decisions for listening to and finding new music.

Pioneer gushing administrations Pandora and Spotify remain the heavyweights of the business with 80 million and 60 million audience members separately. Be that as it may, web radio administrations, for example, Bum have picked up footing on account of their music disclosure components, while curated spilling locales. For instance, Songza offer what may be the executioner application of gushing 2.0: melodies and channels hand-picked by people and in light of subjects and temperaments.

Wedding-Reception-MusicOn the other side is YouTube, the top destination for music spilling with more than 1 billion exceptional months to month clients. YouTube is awesome for chasing down that super darken B-side tune with the banned feature; however, it could not hope to compare to different administrations in the matter of playlists and music disclosure.

Depicting the greater part of the spilling administrations accessible would be beside incomprehensible. However here are probably the finest Music Gushing Facilities Online.

• Tidal inspired us at dispatch and, thanks to some degree to a progression of late overhauls just keeps on doing as such. In the event that you esteem sound quality and utilization gushing for a sizeable piece of you’re tuning in, then we suppose you will be glad to see another choice into the Cd quality spilling business.

• Spotify is nevertheless a strong choice – and the main other What Hello there Fi? Five-Star music administration. Availability, usability, and substance – Spotify bears it all to say the least. It’s no big surprise that a few contenders have arisen and gone by the period Spotify has remained about, and it doesn’t hint at any halting at any point shortly.

Live-music-taskforceObviously reliable quality is foremost in our brains in the matter of surveying any sound item, and that incorporates gushing administrations. So no doubt about it, Tidal offers astounding sound execution as a significant aspect of its bundle.

• But, if your worry is good quality, Qobuz defeats it. Therefore, it’s deserving of your examination, not minimum as there’s a permitted trial time on proposal. Our issue accompanies the application’s “interface peculiarities and scanty components”. Not slightest, for instance, that a significant part of the application still feels established in France.

streaming-musicTraditional music fans who need the most flawlessly awesome sound quality ought to examine; however, Qobuz requirements to up its overall amusement to acquire the best spot. The greater part of the above administrations work bounty all around ok on Sonos; however, we feel compelled by a sense of honor to bring up that Sonos in Deezer is a marginally diverse suggestion. Whereas the Deezer border on different gadgets could do with a rejuvenate, it’s still a not too bad experience. Sonos, there is a reward – lossless sound

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